Pyr-31 Assault Rifle

The Pyr-31 Assault Rifle


The Pyr-31 Assault Rifle==

The History of the RifleEdit

The Pyr-31 assault rifle was the oldest rifle developed by Pyro Industries. It was created 25 years before the Tyrotrian Conquest. The rifle was an upgraded version of the Pyr-5 Training Rifle, the current training device for both Regulars and Lvl. 1s in TYRAC. The rifle was used before the Pyr-42 LMG and the Pyr-28 Rifle.

Origin of the RifleEdit

An early version of the rifle was actually developed 10 years before Pyro Industries made the current version. It was inefficent compared to today's weapons. The original version only had the power to fire for 20 seconds for each crystal; the current has the power to fire for 1 minute for each crystal.

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