Pyr-42 LMG

The Pyr-42 LMG

The Pyr-42 LM

Weapon HistoryEdit

The Pyr-42 LMG was also used by Lufwainian soldiers. The LMG is currently used by Tyrotrian soldiers, mostly Army Corps. It is operated by using a crystal whose energy is magnified to produce a laser. The magazine of an LMG holds about 20 crystal and, with one crystal, can fire for 30 seconds straight.

Famous usesEdit

  • In the battle of Fort Pyro, LMGs mounted on walls destroyed enemy flanks, allowing soldiers to get to the armory.
  • In the Siege of Yanogan, LMGs mounted on gunships decimated Lufwainian soldiers on walls.
  • At Yuavox, Tyrotrians could have nearly wiped out the Mezamian Army if the TYRAC soldiers weren't just Lvl. 3 and up.

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