The Tyrotrian Army Corps


The Tyrotrian Army Corps==

The history of TYRACEdit

TYRAC was founded when Tyrotrus needed more soldiers to the front. Unfortunately, not all of the enlisted men were in the required physical condition. So he founded the Army Corp, a special group of soldiers that require less training but are still capable to fight. It was formed 2 years into the Lufwainian Campaign.

Divisions of TYRACEdit

There are five divisions of the Army Corps:

Leaders of TYRACEdit

These are the leaders of TYRAC:

  • Ignatious B. Pyro
  • Tyrotrus E. Icarax
  • Amerias V. Kunger
  • Leia B. Vurax

TYRAC DestructionEdit

A recent event nearly destroyed TYRAC. Lufwainian Guerrilas decimated an entire battalion. Three-quarters of the dead were TYRAC Lvl. 2 soldiers. This tragedy will "Always be rembered as the day the Army Corps fell" as Tyrotrus Icarax said.

A Note about RankingEdit

Lvl. 2s and up are allowed in combat. Lvl. 1s are only in training. There is a 100% chance that you will pass to Lvl. 2 unless you are killed by either a renegade Tyrotrian or intruder.

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