The Tyrotrian GloryEdit

History of the GloryEdit

The Tyrotrian Glory was Tyrotrus's flagship. Ignatious B. Pyro, head of Pyro Industries and General Pyro, ordered the ship built. He wanted the most powerful ship built and Pyro gave him that wish. It took 1 year to build, but that work paid off. Now the ship has been updated many times, most recently it got a better engine.

The Glory's UsesEdit

The Tyrotrian Glory has many uses. It is typically used for combat in space, but it can also be used for landing troops, crushing rebellion, and much more.

The Glory's FallEdit

It was the final assault on Lufwain. Tyrotrian fighters streaked through the sky as artillery pounded the walls of the fortress. Tyrotrus was watching the battle from his flagship. Suddenly, an enemy fighter fired a torpedo at the main reactor of the ship. Tyrotrus and his men ran to the fighters at bay. The ship crashed on Lufwain. Tyrotrian soldiers used the ship as shelter during the night. It proved key to the final assault on Lufwain.

The Tyrotrian Glory


20 Ion cannons, 45 Laser cannons, 30 "Decimator" missle launchers.

Troop capacity:

150 troops

Cargo capacity:

500 tons

Fighter capacity:

50 fighters


1500' x 65'

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